Deliver Better Results in Your Real Estate Business: A Virtual Assistant can Do it Better

Deliver Better Results in Your Real Estate Business: A Virtual Assistant can Do it BetterBeing a realtor can be an exhausting task. You have to more than just meet new people or just finding the right house or property which is specific to the needs of you client. Top agents are aiming to increased revenue for your real estate business but this could be far from reality if you cannot effectively manage all of your business processes like negotiating a contract, removing the contingencies, work with the inspector, appraiser, loan officer and the closing attorney and moving the transaction towards a closing. There is a mountain of paperwork and dozens of emails and phone call to manage.

Time to call for the help of a real estate virtual assistant!

With all the moving parts that make up a successful transaction there can be many headaches along the way. With all of these hassles, red tape, liabilities and the constant overhead of employees involved in your real estate business hiring a real estate virtual assistant can be a rightful medicine.

A real estate virtual assistant is a skilled professional who knows exactly how to help build and maintain your business. He can make your business his own business and you can assure 100% success in productivity and retention. The advent of technology, software, and the Internet, make it easy for the real estate virtual assistant to deliver the best results to you.

What Does A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Specifically Do For Your Business?

Basically, a real estate virtual assistant is there to reduce your workload. They can take care of a long list of tasks such as the following:

  • Marketing. The role of a real estate virtual assistant is to increase your real estate market awareness. He can keep your personal website or blog running with the most up-to-date information and market trends about real estate. He can also do direct mail marketing campaigns.
  • Client Acquisition and Client Retention. This centers on lead generation and lead follow-up by means of contact list management. This may also include transaction coordinating or appointment setting.
  • Design. Marketing design can also be a good task for a real estate virtual assistant. Design of flyers, banners and logos for a real estate agency can be unique and challenging tasks that allow VA’s to show their creativity.
  • Other Administrative and Development Tasks. Data entry, client database management, research for innovations and updates are the additional tasks that can be performed by a real estate virtual assistant.

Why Choose A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Over An Actual W-2 Paid Employee?

The idea of getting the services of a real estate virtual assistant instead of hiring an actual employee can be summed up into two primary purposes – to save time and to save money.

Deliver Better Results in Your Real Estate Business: A Virtual Assistant can Do it BetterYou can save thousands if not millions of dollars if you let a real estate virtual assistant take charge of your real estate tasks. Furthermore, you won’t be spending money on things like company benefits, taxes, firing costs and other liabilities or financial obligations.

In addition, a real estate virtual assistant won’t take any space at your office and won’t require you to buy computers, furniture, or software for their use.

More than the costs, hiring a real estate virtual assistant can be time efficient. It has been proven to increase productivity during busy times. As a realtor it will provide you more time and opportunities to do what you can do best or what you like best. Outsource the daunting, repetitive business tasks, and focus only on the core tasks so you’ll see the profits soar in your real estate business.

Now that you realize that there is a unique way of reducing your efforts as a realtor you have to take action. Real estate business opportunities knock only once. Do not wait for tomorrow when you can get the services of a real estate virtual assistant today.

How to Become a Top-Notch Real Estate Business Owner

Real estate investors make up some of the wealthiest people in the world nowadays. Success, however, doesn’t just fall into place; it takes preparation, determination, and a little bit of luck. Becoming a prolific real estate agent means figuring out and mastering the methods and strategies that will put you on top of the industry.

Here are four tested methods that most real estate experts have in common:

  1. Setting up a system. The starting point of your real estate business would be getting all your systems in place. You need to set up your website and data base system, materials to be used, vendors, follow-up system, and marketing strategies.
  2. Farming Method. Farming in real estate refers to your territory. Many real estate agencies allow their agents to choose an area on which to focus. It could be your neighborhood or town, whatever you wish.
    To establish your name in a certain area as a real estate professional to go to, you have to employ certain farming techniques. The size of your farming area will depend on what you want and how you will do it. The more homes you farm, the better chances you’ll have of closing deals. Repetitions can work to your advantage; you just have to be patient.
  3. Branding Method.You have to expose your brand in everything you do and make sure that you are backing it up with superior client services. This will spare you some of the other traditional marketing techniques and give you a leg up on the competition. It will take time to build your brand, but it’ll certainly pay off if you do it well.
    The outcome of branding is letting anybody in your target market think of you first and no one else when real estate business crosses their minds.
  4. Hiring an Assistant – Virtual or In-House. As a busy real estate professional, your hands may always be full. In that case, focus on the core tasks of your business and delegate other tasks – especially those time-consuming and repetitive ones – to a personal assistant. You can also outsource some of it to a virtual assistant, especially tasks that do not require client face time. A virtual assistant can manage your tasks in areas that you may be less skilled or simply don’t have time to do, such as crunching numbers, data-entry, or client management software.

The tasks that you can delegate to your personal assistant or a virtual assistant may include advertising, mailings, staying in touch with your past clients, transaction management and other tasks that take the most of your time. With this, you can have more time to focus on your business.

These are only a few of the methods you need to employ in your real estate business in order to become a top-notch real estate professional. Do more than just leaving everything to a virtual assistant. Learn the method and the secret. The secret is no secret at all; all you need is dedication and commitment to the job you chose as a profession. Make someone’s dream of owning a house or other property come true, and your own dream will become a reality at the same time.

Make the most of outsourcing now. Hire a real estate virtual assistant!

Make Your Way to the Top of the Real Estate Business by Making a Decent Real Estate Portfolio

There are secrets on how some real estate businesses succeed in getting ahead of their competition. Some factors include: attractive real estate properties to sell, proper business timing, and all the luck in the world they could possibly have, but wait…there’s more to it than that. One simple strategy is building an attractive and decent real estate portfolio, a task that a real estate virtual assistant can help you with.

Below are some tips you can use to have your virtual assistant make your real estate portfolio the best it can be:

  1. Start on a small scale. Real estate is one serious business, quite complex in nature, and it involves a lot of risk-taking. It’s not a game that you can master and win overnight. Start small and work your way up. Many find it easier to start on rentals then progress to rehabbing (most commonly known as flipping), leasing to own and buying multi-units or commercial properties. You should make your decision based on your interest and research.

    One of the most important considerations is to maintain good a creditworthy status so you can gain confidence from the banks and other finance institutions.

  2. Invest carefully. You have to research the details of your real estate business transactions. Remember that you can only make money if you can make a great deal on a property. Make sure that you are aware of the value and don’t overspend, so you will have less of a challenge getting your money back. Also try to learn the styles used by other successful real estate businesses; know the associated risks and benefits and learn from their mistakes.
  3. Start early, arrange financing. You don’t want to be that old before you can be a successful real estate agent. Start young! This will work to your advantage later. You don’t have to worry about the capital investment; there are many loan officers that you can visit to help you in coming up with a sum of money that you can use to start your business as long as you remain in good standing with your financial credibility.
  4. Make a first mark. Buy your first property now, and make the first mark on your real estate portfolio. With each new property that you buy, you create a healthy portfolio of holdings until you reach a satisfactory number that you can be proud to show to your clients.

Real estate investors usually wind up becoming some of the wealthiest people on the planet. Tremendous success in this diverse enterprise is not beyond your reach if you know how and when to start. If you follow these tips and tap the proper resources, you can build a healthy real estate portfolio, and with the help of real estate virtual assistants, you can propel your business to the next level.

Are you looking for a virtual assistant to manage your real estate portfolio? Expertly-trained virtual assistants from a reputable outsourcing company are definitely a good option.

5 Relevant Tools You and Your Virtual Assistant Should Master for Better Real Estate Marketing and Profitability

Success in the real estate business is measured not only by how much a real estate agent has earned, but also by the means of utilizing resources in order to make a seemingly difficult-to-grow enterprise into a fully-blooming business. Real estate agents, or real estate virtual assistants even, should make use of all possible resources in performing all the steps of the business process, from generating a lead to closing a deal.

Being familiar with the most effective and relevant tools used in marketing a real estate business is a must-know both for experts in the industry and beginners who are planning to venture in this enterprise. They make processes much easier, which eventually leads to money coming in more quickly. Here are some tools that you and your real estate virtual assistant should master:

  1. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Cellular Phone Combo – or, a Smartphone. These are the first must-haves, especially to those who are always mobile. With these, you can keep in touch with your clients through calls, text messaging, and e-mail. As a busy professional real estate agent, you must be able to tend to multiple aspects of your business, and having the proper tools to do so is invaluable.
  2. Personalized Website For Your Business. You need to have a personalized website that highlights your agent skills and services. This is one of your means of connecting to your prospective customers and to build bigger customer ranks. There are so many applications for you to choose from to assist you in creating a unique website for your real estate business, aiming to place your company ahead of the competition. Once you’ve set up a website, have some result-generating features such as Multiple Listing System or MLS IDX capabilities, a Toll-Free number with Automatic Number Identification or ANI capabilities, and a blog and RSS feed.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. This is a basic tool to effectively manage all customers’ information and files. CRM lets you provide your clients the best customer-relation and marketing services because of its organized and comprehensive platform.
  4. Transaction Management Software. This keeps all generated transactions organized and ready for finalization and collection of your profits. Like CRM, this is also an important tool for real estate virtual assistants in providing superior services to their clients.
  5. Marketing Tools or Software. These include both the online and offline software used for marketing while keeping the costs reasonable.

    • Online Marketing Tools – is a good example for this. It enhances your lists and helps to increase your exposure in the online real estate market. One specific tool for this is drip email software that creates powerful Internet mailings, including mass email advertisements and announcements straight to the inbox of prospective clients.

    • Offline Marketing Tools – These may include a direct mail account with bulk postage and newsletter software. This is an effective way to announce the new offering of your realty business. You can make the information about your new listings, just-sold listings, and any upcoming events in your business readily available to your target clients by sending information directly to their inbox.
    1. The goal of every real estate agent is to reach the highest momentum of his or her own business. More than utilizing various real estate marketing tools and software, an agent can also outsource some tasks to a real estate virtual assistant (REVA) using the same tools to provide superior services to the customers for better profitability in the long run. These tools evolve through time, so every real estate agent should be on his or her toes to make sure to stay current.

      If you want to gain more but save more at the same time, outsource the marketing of your properties to a real estate virtual assistant and see how you and your business can benefit big time!